3D scanning2017-07-27 12:10:48

3D scanning is a set of light, machine, electricity and computer technology in one of the high-tech, mainly for the object space shape and structure and color scanning, in order to obtain the object surface space coordinates. The important significance is that the 3D information of the object can be transformed into the digital signal which the computer can process directly, which provides a convenient and quick means for the physical digitization. 3D scanning technology can realize non-contact measurement, and has the advantages of high speed and high accuracy. And its measurement results can be directly connected with a variety of software interfaces, which makes it popular in CAD, CAM, CIMS and other technology applications at present. In the manufacturing industry of developed countries, as a kind of fast stereo measuring device, 3D scanner is more and more widely used because of its fast measuring speed, high precision, non-contact and easy to use. Using 3d scanner to scan the hand board, sample and model, dimensional data can be obtained, which can be directly interfaced with CAD/CAM software, in the CAD system, data can be adjusted, patched, and then sent to a machining center or a rapid prototyping device, thus it can greatly shorten the product manufacturing cycle.



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